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Secretary General

The Secretary General is designated as the “Chief Administrative Officer” and is the de facto spokesperson and leader of the UN.  The daily duties of the UN Secretary General consist of consulting with world leaders, attending UN committee meetings, and traveling all over the world to understand the global concerns in member states.  One of the primary responsibilities of the Secretary General is to ensure that member countries are made aware of developing and urgent international issues.  To alleviate international tensions, the Secretary General will hold discussions with relevant parties through private and public channels.

According to the Charter of the UN, the Secretary General is appointed by the General Assembly upon nomination of the Security Council.  The Secretary General cannot be a national of any of the Permanent Members of the Security Council.  The term of office of the Secretary General is five years and can be renewed indefinitely.

The Secretary General’s official residence is the townhouse in the Sutton Place neighborhood of Manhattan, New York.

Inside Secretary General