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Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Secretariat of the Pacific Community (“SPC”) is an international organization that provides technical assistance, policy advice, training and research services to 22 pacific island countries and territories in areas such as health, human development, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.  The SPC headquarters is in Noumea, New Caledonia.  Its vision for the pacific region is a secure and prosperous pacific community, whose people are educated and healthy and manage their resources in an economical, environmental and social sustainable way.  Their vision for the organization is a highly professional, bilingual and dynamic secretariat that meets the needs, aspirations and priorities of its members and works in partnership with other national, regional and international organizations to serve its island members.  Their mission is to help the pacific island people respond effectively to the challenges they face and make informed decisions about their future.

SPC’s technical programmes are coordinated under land resources, marine resources, and social resources.  The land resources division comprises two programmes namely, sustainable management of forest and agriculture systems, and biosecurity and trade facilitation. It provides advice, expertise, technical support and training to members on every aspect of agriculture and forestry.  The marine resources division includes coastal, oceanic fisheries and maritime programmes.  The social resources division comprises of cultural affairs programme, human development programme, public health programme, statistics and demography programme and media production and training.

Inside Secretariat of the Pacific Community