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Global Exchange

Global Exchange  is an international nongovernmental organization based in California.  Their mission is to promote human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice across the world.  Global Exchange pursues these goals through five program areas :

  1.  Political and Civil Rights Campaigns, which complement the traditional human rights’ organizations observation and monitoring work with activities aimed at directly empowering grassroots human rights movements within the target areas of Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil, and the Middle East;
  2.  Economic Rights Campaigns, which struggle for the elimination of sweatshop abuses, monitor corporate behavior, and challenge global rule-makers such as the World Trade Organization and the International Monetary Fund;
  3. Fair Trade, which helps build economic justice from the bottom up through the sale of handicrafts that generate income for artisans in over 37 countries;
  4. Public Education, which produces books, videos, articles, and editorials and organizes educational workshops and nationwide speaking tours that bring community leaders from around the world to the US to educate citizens on critical global issues; and
  5.  Reality Tours, which educate the public about domestic and international issues through socially responsible travel. 

Global Exchange’s philosophy is that  in order to achieve social, economic and environment justice,  we must make  our global economy  people centered rather than profit centered .  Global Exchange’s ultimate goal is the realization of a people centered world that values workers’ rights, prioritizes international collaboration, achieves peace, and creates local green economies.

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