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Friends of the Earth International

Friends of the Earth International(hereinafter referred as to FOEI) is an international network of environmental organizations that includes 77 countries and around 5000 activist groups on every continent.  They have over two million members and supporters across the globe.  They campaign the most urgent environmental and social issues of the present.

Unlike other non governmental organizations which operated internationally, FOEI has its own separate organization in each country.  These groups generally composed of local groups working in their own areas.  FOEI is assisted by a secretariat which provides support for the network.  An executive committee of elected representatives from national groups set policy and oversee the work of the secretariat.

The main campaign priorities of FOEI are forest and biodiversity, food sovereignty, climate justice and energy, desertification, water, maritime and nuclear power.  All the campaigns primarily intend to protect human rights and environmental rights, to protect biodiversity and the repayment of ecological debt owed by rich nations.  They challenge the present model of economic and corporate globalization and promote solutions that help a sustainable environment.

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