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Forest Trends

Forest Trends is an international non governmental organization formed under a group of people from conservation organizations, forest industry, research groups, multilateral development banks, and other environmental groups in 1999.  Their major initiatives are business and biodiversity offset program, communities and markets, katoomba group, ecosystem market place, and marine ecosystem services program.

Forest trends introduced biodiversity offset program in 2004 that includes international partnership of around 40 leading conservation organizations, companies, governments, and financial institutions developing, testing and implementing best practice on biodiversity offsets.  The communities and markets program intends to decrease poverty, improve living standards and conserve natural resources by promoting community participation in market based conservation mechanisms.

Katoomba group is an international network of individuals who promote and improve capacity related to markets and payments for ecosystem services.  Ecosystem marketplace is a leading source of news, data and analytics on markets and payments for ecosystem services.  Marine ecosystem services program aims to protect crucial marine ecosystem services.  The mission of forest trends is to promote sustainable forest management, to expand the value of forest to society, and to promote market based approaches to forest conservation.

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