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Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide

Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (hereinafter referred to as ELAW) is a non profit, non governmental organization that protects the environment and public health with the support of law.  It was founded in 1989 by a group of public interest lawyers from ten countries.  They decided to collaborate and replicate successful environmental policies.  It helps to enforce law to protect the communities from toxic pollution and environment degradation.

ELAW also helps with legal and scientific tools and promotes the advocates to support and encourage to challenge environment abuses.  Winning clear air for Kenya, protecting Russians from toxic pollution, protection of natural resources in Liberia, cleaning up of mercury waste in India are some of the achievements by ELAW.

ELAW helps to challenge environmental abuses by providing the local advocates the tools and resources they need and builds a worldwide group of skilled, committed advocates who works to protect ecosystems and public health for the future generation also.

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