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International Bureau of Education

The International Bureau of Education (IBE) was founded in Geneva as a private, non-governmental organization in 1925.  Its aims to centralize documentation related to public and private education, to take an interest in scientific research in the educational field, and to serve as a coordinating centre for institutions and societies concerned with education.

Since 1934, the IBE has organized the International Conference on Public Education which, from 1946 onwards, was convened together with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  Later in 1969, the IBE became an integral part of UNESCO while retaining intellectual and functional autonomy.  Currently, it is one of the specialized institutes and centers of UNESCO’s Education Sector.  It is now a global centre in the area of curriculum development supporting UNESCO at attaining quality education for all.

The IBE’s approach to curriculum development is based on the following principles:

  • Building on existing strengths and achievements;
  • Supporting countries in mobilizing the best local expertise;
  • Promoting exchanges and knowledge sharing;
  • Making available the most up-to-date information resources;
  • Fostering productive interactions between local and international experts; and
  • Encouraging the participation of local decision makers and curriculum developers.

International Bureau of Education

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