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Economic, Labor and Development

Organizations with international membership, presence or scope are called international organizations.  International organizations can be can be an economic, labor or development organization.

International economic organizations are established to promote economic integration, and economic growth in certain regions of the world.  Some of the economic organizations also aim to help the poor people and poor countries.  Examples:

  • The World Bank;
  • Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation;
  • World Economic Forum; and
  • International Finance Corporation.

International labor organizations are established to deal with labor related issues worldwide.  Examples:

  • ILO—International Labor Organization
  • ITUC—International Trade Union Confederation
  • ICFTU—AFRO African Regional Organization
  • ICFTU—APRO Asia Pacific Regional Organization
  • ETUC—European Trade Union Confederation
  • Global unions

International development organizations generally aim to bring development on an international front.  Some organization aims to help people in developing countries, whereas some aims to bring industrial development, and some focuses on business and technology development.  Examples:

  • UNDP-United Nations Development Program;
  • International Energy Agency;
  • the World Bank;
  • USAID-United States Agency for International Development; and
  • CARE-Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere.

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