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Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action (hereinafter referred to as VDPA) is a human rights declaration adopted in Vienna at the World Conference on Human Rights in 1993.  The VDPA reaffirmed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Charter.  The Preamble states:

“Invoking the spirit of our age and the realities of our time which call upon the peoples of the world and all States Members of the United Nations to rededicate themselves to the global task of promoting and protecting all human rights and fundamental freedoms so as to secure full and universal enjoyment of these rights.”

The VDPA emphasizes that all human rights are of equal importance and draws direct connection between human rights, democracy and international development.  It also proclaims that poverty should be eliminated for the effective enjoyment of human rights.

The VDPA addresses women’s rights, gender based violence, sexual harassment and exploitation.  The VDPA also considers the strengthening of the United Nations machinery for human rights, including the establishment of a United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Full text of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action

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