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The registry is one of the four organs of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and it takes care of the non-judicial aspects of the administration and the servicing of the ICC.  However, it provides support on all judicial tasks and administrative support to all organs of the Court.  It is a neutral organ of the ICC.  The registry is headed by the registrar.  S/he is the principal administrative officer of the court and is elected for a term of five years.
Some of the tasks that the registry handles are:

  • administration of legal aid matters,
  • court management,
  • victims and witnesses matters
  • defense counsel,
  • detention unit, and
  • traditional services provided by administrations in international organizations, such as finance, translation, building management, procurement and personnel.

With regard to field activities of the ICC, the registry provides administrative support to the Registry and the Office of the Prosecutor.  The registry assists the Court by providing all support to judicial proceedings.  It is guided by advanced statutory framework and international standards and therefore is ahead of times in its functioning.  The ICC’s goals are greatly dependant on the quality, efficiency, transparency and timeliness of its activities.

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