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Trial Division

The judiciary of the International Criminal Court is composed of three Divisions:

  • The Appeals Division
  • The Trial Division
  • The Pre-Trial Division

The Appeals Division is composed of the President of the Court and four other judges, the Trial Division and the Pre-Trial Division of not less than six judges each.  The judicial functions of the Court are carried out in each Division by Chambers.

The Trial Division is composed predominantly of judges with criminal trial experience.  They shall serve in this Division for a period of three years, and thereafter until the completion of any case if the hearing has already started.  The Trial Chamber determines the innocence or guilt of the accused.

The major role of the Trial Chamber is adopting all the necessary procedures to ensure that a trial is fair and expeditious.  Trial Chamber also ensures that the trial is conducted with full respect for the rights of the accused with regard for the protection of victims and witnesses.

Trial must be held in public hearings, unless special circumstances require that certain proceedings be in closed session to protect confidential or sensitive information to be given in evidence.

International Criminal Court – Trial Division

International Criminal Court – Judiciary

Inside Trial Division