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Appeals Division

The judiciary of the International Criminal Court is composed of three Divisions:

  • The Appeals Division
  • The Trial Division
  • The Pre-Trial Division

The Appeals Division is composed of the President of the Court and four other judges, the Trial Division and the Pre-Trial Division of not less than six judges each.  The judicial functions of the Court are carried out in each Division by Chambers. The Appeals Chamber is composed of all five judges assigned to the Appeals Division.

The Appeals Chamber may decide to reverse or amend the decision or sentence or order a new trial before a different Trial Chamber.  Other decisions made during the course of proceedings by the Pre-Trial and Trial Chamber may also be appealed by either party, including decisions with respect to jurisdiction and admissibility.  In addition, there is provision for appeals against orders for reparations. The Appeals Chamber is also responsible for the review of sentence, i.e. to determine whether, after the person has served two thirds of the sentence or 25 years in the case of life imprisonment, the sentence should be reduced.  Among the other grounds for revision is the discovery that decisive evidence was false or that there was serious misconduct by a participating judge.  Furthermore, the Appeals Chamber is the body responsible for deciding questions relating to the disqualification of the Prosecutor or a Deputy Prosecutor.

International criminal Court – Appeals division

International Criminal Court – Judiciary

Inside Appeals Division