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A detention centre is any location used for detention such as a jail or prison.  The International Criminal Court (ICC) Detention Centre is located within a Dutch prison complex in Scheveningen.  It functions to hold in safe, secure and humane custody those persons detained under the authority of the ICC.

The ICC Registrar has overall responsibility for all aspects of management of the Detention Centre.  The ICC Registrar endeavors to ensure the mental, physical and spiritual welfare of the detained persons within an efficient system of detention, with consideration to their cultural diversity and their development as individuals.  In achieving this aim, the daily program of the Detention Centre allows the detained persons access to fresh air, recreational time and sports activities. They have access to library books, news and television.

Detained persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  If any person is convicted of crimes under the jurisdiction of the ICC, they do not serve their sentences at the ICC Detention Centre.  They are transferred to a prison outside of The Netherlands to serve their time, subject to an agreement between the ICC and the State of enforcement.

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