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The defense is a key component of a fair trial.  It is the fundamental pillar of justice at the International Criminal Court.  The International Criminal Court aims to ensure that the proceedings before it are in conformity with the highest legal standards and due process rights of suspects and accused persons.

The Rome Statute and other legal texts of the Court safeguard the rights of the defense. Fundamental principles of the Rome Statute include the grounds for excluding criminal responsibility and the presumption of innocence.  The accused is entitled to a fair hearing under the Article 67 of the Statute.  In addition to the provisions in the Rome Statute, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence also support the rights of the defense consistent with principles of fair trial as defined in the Statute.  Enforcement of these rights is guaranteed by the overseeing judicial powers of Chambers.  Furthermore, the court provides legal assistance for indigent persons.

International Criminal Court – Defense

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